Board of Directors

Associate Professor Andrew Wilson



Director, Board Chair

Associate Professor Andrew Wilson is a distinguished cardiologist in Australia. He is trained in Medicine and Cardiology at St Vincent’s Hospital and then completed a PhD in atherosclerosis research in the University of Melbourne, Department of Medicine.


His clinical interests are in all areas of Interventional Cardiology and Assessment and Therapy of Cardiovascular Risk, particularly in high risk patients such as those with insulin resistance, renal disease and peripheral arterial disease.


Andrew has previously worked at Stanford University Medical Center in California for 3 years training in Interventional Cardiology as well as working as an NHMRC Research Fellow focused on Translational Research in Atherosclerosis in the Falk Cardiovascular Research Institute at Stanford University.

Andrew is currently appointed to the Departments of Cardiology and University Department of Medicine at St Vincent’s and the St Vincent’s Institute and is the Director of the University of Melbourne Lipid and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic. He leads the Translational Cardiovascular Biology group and is involved in a range of projects focused on biomarkers of atherosclerosis and links between insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease.


Andrew has also been appointed as the state’s Chief Medical Officer of the Victoria. He has worked in both the public and private sectors and is developing strategies to strengthen the safety of our hospitals – ensuring they have the appropriate governance, systems and processes in place for doctors and nurses to deliver high-quality, safe care. He works closely with Better Care Victoria, the Clinical Networks and Clinical Consultative Councils to ensure a joint focus.

Professor Mingguang He



Director, Secretary General

Professor Mingguang He is the Professor of Ophthalmic Epidemiology at the University of Melbourne, the Fellow of Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, the Principal Investigator at the Centre for Eye Research Australia, the officially registered ophthalmologist in Australia, and Director of WHO Collaborating Centre for the Prevention of Blindness in Western Pacific Region.


He graduated from Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences and got degrees of Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Philosophy. He received his research training in Johns Hopkins University (MPH) and University College London (MSc. PhD).


Prof He has published over 230 papers in the international peer-reviewed journals and serves as the editorial board member for a number of international significant journals in ophthalmology, including the journal of Ophthalmology.


During the recent years, Prof He has been dedicated in the research on the application of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) in medical care, and created the first AI eye disease screening system based on deep learning technology. The system has won the Medical Research Future Fund from Australian Commonwealth Government, BUPA Health Foundation, and Google Impact Challenge winner. Numbers of community clinics and diabetes clinics across Australia have applied the screening system and conducted community wide eye disease screening.


Prof He is the Founding President of Asia Pacific Tele-Ophthalmology Society (APTOS). He attracted a number of global experts in AI from Google, Apple and so on to attend the second APTOS congress in July 2017 which focused on AI in ophthalmology. He worked with experts at the congress developing the White Paper of AI ophthalmic diagnosis, and standard operation practice for clinical trials of AI diagnosis technology and application for Food and Drug Administration approvals.


Before his profession in Australia, Prof He served as Associate Director, Chief Physician and Professor of Ophthalmology at the Zhongshan Ophthalmic Centre, Sun Yat-Sen University in China. He was awarded as the Distinguished Young Scholar of National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Leader of National High Level Talents Special Support Plan.

Ms Virginia Birrell



Virginia is a Board Member of the Australia China Health Accelerator.


Virginia is also Chief Executive Officer of Australia China Business Council (ACBC) Victoria. She joined ACBC in August 2014.  Her primary responsibilities are to optimise the performance and strategic growth of ACBC Victoria and to ensure the 300+ companies who make up our branch in city, metropolitan and regional areas, are provided with key training and policy advice and strategic networking activities to grow their business opportunities with China.  In this regard she works in close liaison with the ACBC Victoria Executive Committee, our sector-specific Working Groups, Federal and State Governments, the Chinese Consulate and with over 7,000 individuals connected with the branch.

Prior to joining the ACBC, Virginia was Director of Ivanhoe Professional Learning, which she established in 2007 as a commercial division of Ivanhoe Grammar School to service the professional development requirements of primary and secondary teachers across Australia.  She held the simultaneous role of Manager of the Principal’s Administration at the school for 10 years, directly responsible to the Principal and Board of Governors.  She was a member of the Principal’s Executive, managed a team of administration staff and undertook management of the school’s major events, amongst other key duties.


She holds a Diploma of Business Administration and her career includes three years as Events and Special Projects Manager at the Committee for Melbourne and six years as the CEO of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce.   


She is Chair of the ACBC Victoria Executive Women’s Forum.


She is married with two children.   For over 20 years she has been involved in recreational sport aviation and has a pilot’s licence.

Mr Jason Sun



Directors, CEO

Mr Sun was one of the original founders of ACHA.  He joined the board and appointed as the Chief Executive Officer in 2018.  Mr Sun has more 20 years’ experience in many healthcare environments including: pharmaceutical, hospital, community health, eHealth, health insurance, industry association and government health department. 


He is the current Chair of Health and Medical Research Committee at the Australia China Business Council and was the Head of Engagement (Greater China) at Department of Health and Human Services.  Mr Sun has led a number of national and state wide programs, and was responsible for Victoria’s healthcare engagements with China. 


He holds a Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, a Master of Business Administration and a Fellowship in Health Service management.    

Dr. Ruchong Ou




Dr. Ruchong Ou is a Senior Research Fellow affiliated with the Alfred Hospital and Monash University, Australia. He heads the AMREP laboratory providing scientific support to the heart transplantation program. In the early years of his professional career, Dr. Ou worked as a Cardiac Surgeon in China, a MD Fellow in Cardiology, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA and more recently, as a senior research scientist at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia.

Dr. Ou specializes in cardiovascular research, with broad experience and achievement in pharmaceutical development and medical device invention. He devised the world’s first miniature myocardial pH electrode and involved in the development of key-hole heart surgery instruments, heparin-free oxygenator and ventricular assist device, etc. Dr. Ou conducted ground-breaking work in donor heart preservation and invented a novel technique specifically designed for Donor after Cardiac Death, for which he has established an international reputation.

Dr. Ou has been actively promoting the collaborative research and fostering the commercialisation of biomedical innovations. The outcomes of his commitments are reflected by forging many collaborative research programs and joint centres between Australia and China. Dr. Ou energetically engages in administration management and community services, and holds the senior positions in many prestigious organisations. He is the Chairman of the Board of Oculus BioMed Pty. Ltd., the Deputy Chairman of AusBioLink, the biotech consultant for the City of Melbourne and the Visiting Professor of Xian Jisotong University. He sits on the Advisory Board (China Program) of Burnet Institute and serves as an Executive Council Member of Federation of Chinese Scholars in Australia, an organization which consists of 12 Chinese professional associations with over 1300 members across Australia. He is the national President of Australia Chinese Association for Biomedical Sciences.