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ACHA Accelerator Program

ACHA provides a guided pathway to give Australian health Startups direct access to Asian (in particular China) markets, addressing the gap between huge health technology demand from Asia and unreadiness of health start-ups in Australia to access Asian market. The first phase of this program is a Startup founder education programme, supported by a highly experienced and capable expert panel. We have strong partnerships established with incubators, accelerators, hospitals and health innovators. We work in a broad network with Asian local organisations, innovation parks and investors. This biannual education programme offers a cohort of about 8 startup founders who have completed other incubator programs, an intensive Asian-focused training and mentoring and extensive knowledge of market conditions and business culture. It equips them with comprehensive knowledge, robust competitiveness and links them with potential partners and investors. It is followed by acceleration process and business development assistance.


ACHA was awarded a LaunchVic grant of $250,000 to carry out an Asia focused Startup Founders Education Program over 2019 and 2020. ACHA were one of 7 organisations awarded a total of $4.8M in the 8th LaunchVic funding round. This round has been targeted to accelerate the growth of Victoria’s health and life sciences startups. The LaunchVic funding will support the development of improved understanding of Asian business culture and assist the development of productive in market relationships to access the market, manufacturing partnerships and access to capital.

Uprasia is the Program brand used by the Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA) to ensure clarity of the service offering as funded by LaunchVic in the Health Grant round 8 in October 2018. 
The ACHA Uprasia Founders Education Program is a 2-month program (plus travel in Country) that will be run two times per year for two years. It is open to HealthTech companies that are at near market development levels and have an interest in understanding, entering or seeking collaborations in Asian markets. 

The program has completed 2 cohorts in 2019, and the third cohort has started the workshops on 12 February 2020. Please visit the program website for more details. 

You can watch the below video to understand more about the program and the trip to China market.

UprAsia Cohort 1 Trip to China Market

UprAsia Cohort 1 Trip to China Market


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