ACHA signs a strategic cooperation agreement with Eureka TechIn

Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA) is pleased to announce the signing of a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment (Eureka TechIn) on November 30th 2018 in Melbourne. This event celebrated the formation of a strategic partnership with a China-connected global company to support the UprAsia Founders Education Program ( that will provided preparation and a guided pathway for Australian HealthTech Startups and Entrepreneurs to access Asian markets and investment capital.

The agreement was signed by Mr Jason Sun, CEO of ACHA and Dr Lizi Li, GM Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment, witnessed by senior representatives of the two parties including:
•    Professor Mingguang He, ACHA Director and Professor of University of Melbourne
•    Ms. Virginia Birrell, CEO, Australia China Business Council - Victoria
•    Mr. Tim Carroll, Director of Technology ACHA and Director of UprAsia Program
•    Mr. George Georgiou, CEO of Eureka International Group
•    Mr. Stewart Pattison, Executive Director of Eureka Trading Co., Ltd.
•    Mr. Shaughan Pattison, General Manager of Eureka Sunrise Co., Ltd.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Jason Sun and Dr. Lizi Li gave a detailed introduction to the companies, organizations and future cooperation prospects. Tim Carroll, presented the plans and design of the UprAsia program. At the end of the signing ceremony, Mr. George Georgiou and Professor Mingguang He delivered speeches on the strategic cooperation.

The UprAsia project aims to help the founding team of high-tech projects in Victorian health and biotechnology in Victoria and Australia, to understand China more through a series of training, workshops and market visits. The focus is on Asian market characteristics, business culture, innovation and entrepreneurial environment, Intellectual Property protection systems and capital market characteristics. 

The UprAsia program has been fortunate to recently receive financial support from LaunchVic, Victoria. LaunchVic is an organization established by the Victorian Government of Australia to support the development of Victoria's innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

Signing ceremony20181130-2.jpg

signing ceremony


Tim Carroll, Director of Technology ACHA showcases the Uprasia Program elements


About Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment


Founded in 2017, Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment is part of the Eureka International Group and is headquartered on Collins St Melbourne. Since its inception, Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment has been committed to building the first platform for technology innovation and SME services in the Asia-Pacific region, promoting international three-way docking of science and technology projects, capital and government resources, and realizing capital markets and industrial technologies at home and abroad. The company has established strategic partnerships with Zhongguancun Development Group·Lenchuang Space, Shandong Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Australia Eastern Innovation and Business Center, Australia China Biomedical Association and now Australia China Health Accelerator. 

Flagship activities such as “Eureka International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition”, “Innovative Entrepreneurship China” and “Australia New Zealand Innovation Bank” to promote the transformation and synergy of scientific and technological achievements between China and Australia, and to improve the technology and financial entrepreneurship service system. Promote the rapid growth of service enterprises and build a bridge between enterprises and capital and technology.