ACHA held the UprAsia launch and first workshop

On Wednesday evening of 16th January 2019, the Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA) held its first UprAsia workshop. 

The ACHA Uprasia program is designed to help Startup founders understand Asian markets and develop strategies and relationships to enter markets with optimal productive relationships. It is a series of workshops on topics such as Intellectual Property, business culture, investor relationships and other knowledge vital to success in Asian markets.

The UprAsia launch and first workshop was attended by 17 participants from 7 Startup companies which are keen to know more about entering Asian markets. The event was opened by Jason Sun, the ACHA CEO who described the program and its value. He thanked the UprAsia sponsors LaunchVic, Eureka Technology Innovation and Investment who are the founder partners and co-funding UprAsia. He then thanked the sponsor of that evening's event, Asialink Business.

Dr Lizi Li, General Manager of Eureka Technology Innovation and Investment then welcomed the participants to the program. Thomas Day, Enterprise Solutions Manager, China Practice from Asialink Business then congratulated the participants and spoke of the unique design of UprAsia and how valuable Asialink Business saw such a program.

Following sessions by Jacqueline Plunkett, Lawyer at Watermark covered confidentiality agreements. The evening closed with Tim Carroll, ACHA Director of technology presenting on Global trade, Australian innovation and the rise of Asian market opportunities.

UpraAsia continues for 8 weeks and will be followed by a guided visit to China to meet with partner organisations, Investors, Innovation Parks and precincts.