ACHA UprAsia July Trip Run Successfully

As a part of the Victorian Government supported UprAsia program, the Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA) organised and led an Australian healthcare delegation visited China. The delegation travelled to Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the China’s Greater Bay Area- the most open and economically dynamic region in the country.  This mission was led by ACHA’s CEO, Mr Jason Sun, supported by ACHA China Team and Ms Allison Lovell (ACHA, Program Consultant); included founders from a number of Australian healthcare startups (e.g. Lenexa, MyLife).  


The purpose of the trip was to introduce the startups to ACHA’s collaborating partners in China which included Chinese based investment funds, incubators/accelerators, innovation parks, manufacturers and potential customers for the Australian companies (e.g. hospitals and aged care organisations).  During this mission, ACHA has also represented many Australian health companies (e.g. Vald Performance, Invictus and Xeron) which did not travel to China on this occasion but in trusted in ACHA to facilitated partnerships with Chinese counterparts.  

The mission was extremely successful for the Australian healthcare startups.  They not only had opportunities to present their projects to Chinese investors, incubators and potentially distribution partners, but also received invaluable feedback from hospital and aged care executives.  A huge of interests were generated during the trip for the products of these Australian health companies which in trusted in ACHA.  

Ajit Ravindran, CEO of Lenexa has said “…thanks to the ACHA team for looking after us. We had a great time. The trip as insightful and very useful as we carefully deciding on our next steps to enter the China market.  Really appreciate the care, the good food, good company, great conversations and many hours of translations…”.  Josh Marsden, Founder of MyLife also indicated that the visit has opened his eyes to huge opportunities and dispelled many negative stereotypes and myths about doing business in China.   
ACHA would like to express our sincere thanks for all parties involved in this great mission.  

Please watch the video clip below for the highlights of the trip. 

ACHA UprAsia Founders Education Program China Visit July 2019


ACHA and Guangzhou Googol Park co-organised a roadshow for Australia biomedical projects, which attracted local investors, companies and incubators to join.


The delegates visited Guangzhou Daan Incubator, which is a medical-focus incubator originating from a listed group and has broad business network in healthcare.

Haopu Biotech.JPG

The delegates visited Guangdong Haopu Biotech Ltd, which has business on nutrition products.

Wondfo Biotech.JPG

The delegates visited Guangzhou Wondfo Biotech Ltd, a local large pathology and testing company.


The delegates visited Guangdong China Science and Tech-innovation Capital Management Co, Ltd, to understand more from the investor’s perspective.

Assistive Device centre.JPG

The delegates visited National assistive device South China regional centre, to have a look at the rehabilitation device market.


The delegates visited MovTek Industry Design Company, which is experienced in product design, high-tech solution and prototype development.


The delegates visited Hex Cube Incubator, which offer services to global talents and companies in Shenzhen.

Yantian Competition.JPG

Jason Sun addressed at the Innovation and entrepreneur competition in Yantian District in Shenzhen.

Rehab Yantian.JPG

The delegates visited the rehabilitation departments in Yantian People’s hospital, to understand the application scenario. 

ICU Yantian.JPG

The delegates visited the ICU departments in Yantian People’s hospital, to receive feedback from the potential end users.

Agedcare Yantian.JPG

The delegates visited Yikang Aged Care Facility in Shenzhen.


The delegates visited Yantian DBH Life Science and health industrial park. Ajit was doing a presentation on Lenexa.