UprAsia Founders Education Program Cohort 3 Opens

Are you the founder or executive of a health technology startup or SME who recognise that Asian, especially Chinese markets, offer vast opportunity but you don’t quite know how to get there?

Do you need expert advice to assist you on your business plan and global strategy for Asian markets?


UprAsia is the program for you.

UprAsia – a FREE 8-week education program – initiated by Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA), proudly supported by LaunchVic and Eureka Technology Innovation and Investment, is designed to prepare medtech, biotech and pharma organisations for successful entry into Asian markets via an 8-week series of seminars and workshops and a self-funded travel component to Asia.


Develop a deep understanding of Asian markets to build solid and real understanding of Asian market opportunities, risks and optimal market access pathways

Build a usable and practical understanding of Asian business culture – not just business etiquette

Provide Asian masterclasses that align with and build on your knowledge gained from Incubators and Accelerators

Connect startups with Asian angel and VC funds, commercial partners and market channels


The UprAsia program will provide healthtech founders and executives with knowledge on opportunities and risks for doing business in Asia (in particular China) as well as an exclusive opportunity for guided travel to Asia with program organisers to meet with potential investors, manufacturers and distribution partners.



• 8 week FREE Melbourne-based educational program
• Weekly evening seminar and workshop (after business hours)
• Lectures, seminars and discussion groups led by Asia market experts
• Interactive sessions in branding, naming and IP protection strategy development
• Live webinars accessible for regional participants
• Matched mentoring – one on one mentors available for entire program
• Optional, but highly recommended, travel component – a “guided pathway” to market with members of the Australia China Health Accelerator team


*While the Melbourne-based component of the program has no fee, there are costs associated with the optional travel to Asia.


Third cohort commences Wed 5th Feb 2020 – Applications now open! Submit your EOI or email us to find out more!


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